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Are You Ready To Step Up Your Party Game?

VRTX (Virtual Reality Texas) is an event vendor startup making the world of virtual reality accessible to the masses. Be it a corporate event, anniversary party, bar/bat mitzvah, black tie affair, or your dog’s birthday party, VRTX can take your event and make it a once in a lifetime experience.


Virtual Reality has always been at the forefront of innovation, always pushing harder to reach consumers. In 2018, it’s now possible to bring this amazing and immersive technology to the events market. At VRTX, we’re bringing VR to your events and creating a no-hassle experience where you can enjoy stepping into another world wherever and whenever you want.

We hope to run your next event and take it to a whole new level of fun, excitement, and dream-like immersion. Please reach out to us to schedule your event and determine your specific VR needs. Thanks!

your VR Experts,

The VRTX Team


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